Bringing You Michigan’s Best Cannabis

Bringing You Michigan’s Best Cannabis

Gage Cannabis Co. sets the standard for quality cannabis products, bar none. We cultivate and curate experiences that empower Gage customers to make the most of the plant’s benefits and amplify their lives.

Cultivated & Curated by Quality

To us, good is simply not good enough.

From the plants we grow to the way we operate each of our provisioning centers, Gage is committed to elevated cannabis offerings.

What do we do?

We operate three licensed cultivation and processing centers in Michigan that serve 13 provisioning centers throughout the state – with more on the way.

How do we do that?

We grow our plants in small batches using 100% hydroponic cultivation methods for sustainable and responsible operations. From handpicking every plant to employing our proprietary drying, trimming and curing method, each step of our process is deliberately designed to deliver the best flower possible.

Why do we do that?

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. Every day we are guided by values that bring our promise to life for Gage customers.

Our Core Values


From the moment we put our roots down in Michigan to the moment you leave one of our provisioning centers, we curate the highest quality cannabis experience possible.


We are shaping the future for a new generation of cannabis patients while honoring our industry’s pioneers.


As Michiganders, we are invested in the health and wealth of our communities while ensuring we are building a brighter, cleaner and greener future.